The LMC Team

LMC – Leaders That Lead

LMC is the Team that will lead your business/investment to success, through our vast industry experience and ability to understand and deliver on all requirements, within any region of the world.

  • Leadership

    Founded by long-time industry leaders, Peter Kahelin & Bruce Fogelstrom, LMC has a culture of delivering beyond client/partner expectations, via its open, productive and honest communications. LMC’s leadership has a hands-on approach to working with its client/partners and their operations.

  • The Team

    Every member of the LMC Team has industry leading experience and expertise in their respective discipline. The fact that the Team has worked together within the industry for many years, ensures our ability to coherently & seamlessly operate in any environment.

  • Multi-Cultural & Multi-Disciplined

    The typical LMC Team member has 10 to 40 years industry experience and has held senior management positions in leading broadband or telecommunication companies. Many of the Team are fluent in several languages and all Team members have lived and worked for extensive periods of time, on LMC assignments, in countries other than their home nation.

  • LMC Treats Every Project/Partnership As If We Owned It Ourselves

    The operating culture of LMC is imbedded upon the highest standards of delivery. As a client, whether an operator or investor, you can be assured that you will receive LMC’s undivided attention, which will result in our guarantee to you…….SUCCESS!


The LMC TeamMuch of LMC’s success in working with our partners & clients comes through our wide-range of diversity in industry expertise & experience. The LMC stable of professionals covers all aspects of the industry ranging from operational management, finance, business development, customer care, technical & network development, programming, crisis management, investment fund raising, ad sales & production, public relations and sales & marketing, to name a few. The following are some of LMC’s key reputable leaders & professionals.

  • Peter Kahelin

    Founding Partner & Chairman

    Peter has worked in the industry for over 35 years, leading telecommunication companies in more than 40 countries. He has held key executive positions with companies such as Storer, TCI (now Comcast), AT&T, HBO, Metromedia, Baja Broadband and MaxxSouth Broadband. Over the past eighteen years, Peter has partnered with investment firms such as M/C Partners, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, to acquire, manage and successfully divest telecommunication operations worldwide.

  • Bruce Fogelstrom

    Managing & Founding Partner and President

    Bruce is a veteran of the cable and broadband industry, starting his career in 1981. He has vast domestic and international experience, leading both operational and vendor organizations. Bruce held key positions at Metromedia International, Video Data Systems and Videoplex, Inc. Most recently he has been LMC’s domestic and international business development director for all operations and projects in a wide range of countries.

  • Adrian Arghiropol

    Senior Associate Partner & Chief Operating Officer (Europe)

    Adrian has worked within the industry for more than 25 years, leading telecommunication companies in Europe. He has a PhD in aerospace engineering, and has held key executive positions with companies in Western Europe such as Metromedia and (today ARRIS), and also in Eastern Europe such as Telecable, and RCS. Since, 2004 Adrian has been a key leader in LMC’s partnership projects, covering all of LMC’s activities in Europe.

  • Richard Zorin

    Senior Associate Partner & Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

    Richard has worked within the cable/broadband industry for more than 45 years. He started in the industry with his own construction company, where he led turn-key network development of cable systems, first with Jerold and Magnavox and then with all major MSOs. Richard has both domestic and international experience building or leading tens of thousands of miles of telecommunications networks.

  • Randy Santiago

    Associate Partner & Chief Operating Officer (COO)

    Randy has worked within the industry for more than 20 years in the areas of operations, finance, customer service, human resources, billing systems, warehouse & purchasing, programming, among others. Randy has extensive experience in M&A activities, dealing with acquisitions and divestitures worldwide, leading due diligence processes, as well as spearheading the transition/merging of acquired companies.

  • Ivelisse Cruz

    Associate Partner & Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

    Ivelisse has more than 20 years of extensive experience in countless roles within the sales and telecommunications industries with companies such as MaxxSouth Broadband, Baja Broadband, Choice Cable TV, and Centennial. Her executive leadership strengths in strategic development, marketing, programming, direct sales, customer service, operations and specialized telecommunications projects are part of the key contributions that she brings to the Team.

  • Carl Shapiro

    Associate Partner & Chief Finance Officer (CFO)

    Carl has worked within the telecommunications industry for over 25 years in various financial, business development and operational roles, both domestically and internationally. He has held key executive positions with Metromedia Communications, Metromedia International Group and Abovenet. He has consulted with major MSOs in business development and financial accounting processes.

  • Joe Wyant

    Senior Associate Partner & Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

    Joe is a 35-year veteran of the cable and telecommunications industries. He has led operations, sales and marketing efforts for both large and small MSOs including Viacom, TKR Cable, Metromedia International Group and Armstrong Cable Services. In the past, Joe has held key executive roles in two successful LMC management partnership projects – Choice Cable and Baja Broadband.
  • The Last Mile

    In telecommunications, the ‘last mile’ is the final leg of delivering connectivity from a communications provider to a customer.

    Our Management Partnering, Consulting and Capital Funding services are key factors in developing our Client’s broadband businesses into their market’s premier “last mile” organization.

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