Companies & Institutions of AffiliationLMC works with many leading private equity investors, investment banks, institutional investors and broadband & telecommunication operators in their respective countries and regions. With confidentiality and privacy a major concern in this day and age, partners and clients have asked us to limit their general public exposure. However, we are able to list a few companies and institutions LMC has had recent and/or long term associations with.

Click on the organization’s name to obtain their website.  Please note, some organizations may have changed their name or are now part of another company/institution.

  • The Last Mile

    In telecommunications, the ‘last mile’ is the final leg of delivering connectivity from a communications provider to a customer.

    Our Management Partnering, Consulting and Capital Funding services are key factors in developing our Client’s broadband businesses into their market’s premier “last mile” organization.

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    • Last Mile Communications

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