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Last Mile Communications (LMC) Announces The Retirement of One of Its Founding Partners & CEO

Press Release

Last Mile Communications, LLC (LMC), the renowned international telecommunications management partnering and consulting firm headquartered in Newtown, Connecticut (United States), with satellite headquarters in London, England and Bucharest, Romania, announced the pending retirement of one of its Founding Partners and CEO, Peter Kahelin.

Mr. Kahelin, an almost 40-year veteran of the cable TV/broadband industry, formed LMC with another long-time industry leader, Bruce Fogelstrom, back in 1999.  The firm houses a diverse stable of industry professionals with expertise in all areas of the business, teaming with many of the industry’s prominent investors, lending institutions and operators.

Kahelin stated, “It has been an honor to serve within the cable TV/broadband industry, which has treated me so well for almost forty years.  During that time, I have had the privilege to work in more than forty countries for some of the most amazing organizations.  I also have had the honor to work alongside some of the industry’s best leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs.  To be honest, I would not change a thing.  The industry and all the people I have associated with have been my inspiration.  I just hope I have given back as much as has been so kindly given to me over the years.”

Bruce Fogelstrom, LMC’s Managing & Founding Partner and President stated, “Peter and I met in the mid-1990’s and our working collaboration started as a close and successful one, so much in fact we decided to start our own firm.  For nearly two decades we have worked side-by-side successfully covering partnerships and projects across the globe, with Peter being the workhorse on the frontline and I pulling things together behind the scenes.  It’s truly been a successful formula for us and the many partners and clients we have teamed up with over the years.”

Kahelin will be stepping down as LMC’s CEO during the 4th quarter of this year and will no longer have a day-to-day association with the company.  The transition process will see Peter and Bruce work closely with Randy Santiago (LMC’s Associate Partner & Chief Operating Officer – the Americas) and the rest of the LMC Partners & Team to ensure they select who among them will take on the role of CEO going forward, to guarantee the ongoing success of the company, its partners and clients.

Although Mr. Kahelin will no longer occupy an active management position within LMC, he will stay on as its Non-Executive Chairman, advising the company.

Adrian Arghiropol, LMC’s Senior Associate Partner & Chief Operating Officer (COO) for LMC’s operations out of Europe stated, “Peter was one of the industry’s pioneers when the cable TV/broadband business started its development in Europe and Eastern Europe during the late 1980’s and throughout the 1990’s.  In fact, LMC was born through its initial work done in these regions.  It will be our honor to ensure LMC’s legacy, that Peter helped develop, continues to thrive after his departure.  Our Team is deep with talent and we will move forward, without missing a step!”

Most recently, Kahelin’s primary focus has been as CEO & President of MaxxSouth Broadband in LMC’s Management Partnership Assignment with Block Communications, Inc. (BCI), one of the United States premiere broadband operators for more than 50 years.  BCI acquired MaxxSouth in November of 2014 from MetroCast (Harron Communications).  MaxxSouth Broadband quickly established itself as the area’s premiere broadband provider within the 61 communities it currently serves.  Richard Zorin, LMC’s Senior Associate Partner & Chief Technology Officer (CTO), who is also working in the MaxxSouth project, has worked with Mr. Kahelin for more than 30 years.  Zorin stated, “As long as I have known Peter he has been tuned into the business at hand 24 by 7.  He will be a hard act to follow.  However, I have been in this industry for more than 40 years and it’s clear to me that the current talent within LMC is poised to carry on LMC’s successful, deep and committed work ethos.”

Kahelin stated, “In the coming months, I will be stepping away from the only true occupation I have known.  To those that know me, this decision does not come as a surprise, as over the past few years they have seen my energy and passion for the business increasingly being passed onto others, hoping they too will revere the industry that has been my true love affair for nearly three quarters of my life.  Thus, the time has come for me to retire and relax a bit, improve upon my inconsistent golf game and focus on family.”

Kahelin admitted he does not take this move lightly as he will miss the excitement, the drive to succeed and the fine people he has associated with.

Peter closed by saying, “To be truthful, I am more excited than ever about LMC’s future, as we have a great mix of extremely talented, energetic and inspired international leaders ready to take the company into the next stage of its legacy.  It’s time for me to step aside and pass the torch, and for them to take the reins and lead LMC into its ensuing phase of accomplishments and successes.  Hence, although it’s always hard to walk away from something you love, the timing is perfect, as LMC could not be in better hands with Bruce and the rest of the Team leading the way.”


Contact for More Information: 

Ivelisse Cruz, LMC’s Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)
Phone: 203-491-7740 (United States)

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